What is YIE?

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs is a business development project that will make it more attractive for young entrepreneurs to stay and do business as well as initiate projects in the Barents region.

The Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project aims to develop a support system for implement innovative business ideas by young innovative entrepreneurs in the Barents region, facilitating cross-border cooperation.

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project in a nutshell:  

1) The Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) is a cooperation project in Barents Region with an objective to support innovative entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs, as well as develop new business ideas, entrepreneurial mindset and cooperation across borders.

2) A region wide support system will enhance the development and implementation of innovative business ideas across the borders.

3) The target groups are young entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.


Eila Seppänen, Finland

Project manager, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
+358 40 502 2413

Anzelika Krastina, Finland
Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Rovaniemi
+358 40 594 3060

Lena Antti, Sweden
Högskoleförbundet Östra Norrbotten
+46 70 299 03 34

Anna Trubkina, Russia
NP “Socium+”

Heidi Andreassen, Norway
The Barents Secretariat
+47 416 50 358

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