Friday, 14 June 2013

2nd matchmaking event in Murmansk

The second international matchmaking event of the Young InnovativeEntrepreneurs project took place in Murmansk (Russia) the weekend from 24th to 25th of May 2013. The objective of this event was to gather the entrepreneurs who are participating actively in the project within their respective countries. The main purpose is to matchmake them into cross-border cooperation with their companies, so in that way combat the migration of the young people from Barents region to the southern parts of the countries.

The conference was two days long, where entrepreneurs had the chance to visit Russian companies and develop their skills and knowledge of Russian companies and how to develop business in Murmansk region.

During the first day we could hear a success story from a Norwegian entrepreneur, Tage Sæther from Murmansktorgsnabservice JSC, who started trade fish between Norway and Russia. It was a useful and an interesting story which gave motivation to a lot of entrepreneurs, who listened to the experiences from this young Norwegian entrepreneur.  On the same day YIE entrepreneurs participated on a business simulation. They were separated by groups, so it was much easier to visit to the different places, where they developed and learned how to start a business in the Murmansk region. They also had the chance at the same time to visit Kola partneriat, a business fair which was held the same weekend than the matchmaking conference.

During the Friday afternoon, there were visiting to companies such Industrialpark SIVA, which is a business incubator, a consulting company NetSL, and also the designing studio of one of our Russian entrepreneurs, Alexandra Gapanovich, and the Youth House Mr. Pink (Murmansk branch of Barents YouthFilm Academy).

The objective of the second day of conference was to exchange the experiences from the first day. The entrepreneurs were separated again in work groups in order to discuss the barriers in cross-border business and business in general according to the information gained through the business simulation game and the visits to the companies.  After the work groups, the entrepreneurs had the time to discuss the result of the conference with everybody else and talk about the development of cross-border business.

On Saturday evening it was time for the farewell dinner, were most of the project partners and young entrepreneurs attended and shared a nice evening together.

Nowadays all the entrepreneurs are looking forward the next matchmaking conference which will be held in Kirkenes, Norway, during this autumn.

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